Custom Cookies

Sweet tooth for some metal cookies?


By far, our most popular decorated cookie type is chocolate chip- it’s our favorite too! In addition, we offer sugar cookies, which are also dangerously good.


If you are looking for custom cookies decorated with band logos or artwork, you have two options as far as decorating goes. We can either decorate it by hand or we can print an edible image onto the cookies. (See below for examples of each)

Our edible image option:   

Our hand decorated option:


The prices will vary depending on the size of the cookies and the difficulty of the decoration. They usually range from $3- $5 each cookie for our standard and most common size which is a 2.75″ by 3.75″ rectangle. If you would like to order a custom size, please contact us here. We do offer discounts for orders of more than 2 dozen.


When you have decided if you would like chocolate chip or sugar cookies, choose how many you would like. Keep in mind that we do have a minimum of 12 cookies per order. Between the two cookie examples, pick which type of decoration you would like. Click here to submit your order. Please remember that orders are not final until we confirm with you and a deposit is submitted.