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How To Order

  1. Decide which item you would like to order from the Dessert Menu Tab.
  2. Send us a message based on the requirements found below on this page.

When we recieve your message we will contact you as soon as possible to confirm your order. 

If you need to submit photos, please email us at 

Custom Orders

For cakes and cupcakes please include:

  • Cake flavor
  • Number of cake layers
  • Desired fillings (if any)
  • Icing flavors
  • Size (how many servings you would like to get from your order)  
  • Type of design or theme for decoration
  • Pickup date

For cookies, brownies or cereal treats please include:

  • Number of orders (please remember that one order is 12 items)
  • Desired decoration
  • Pickup date